Religion, Politics, and Reclaiming the Soul of Christianity

God’s unconditional love is the quintessential element, the heart and soul of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The rise of modern American Christian fundamentalism, with its narrowly defined moralism and zeal to impose its restrictive views on all Americans, attacks our country’s democracy. Today’s Christian fundamentalists energize exclusionary right-wing politics, embolden xenophobia, and in the process abandon the very roots of their own religious tradition.

The author takes a comprehensive look at the origins, characters, and spiritual essence that shaped Christianity. In three sweeping sections, he traces the evolution of Christian dogma and its use for political purpose, the rise in consciousness from Law to Grace, the derailment of the authentic “Good News” message of Jesus Christ, and finally the necessity for our actions as modern Christians to be coherent with our beliefs. His book is an urgent invitation to reclaim and return the soul of Christianity to its loving heart.